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The Lemonade Stand

The lemonade stand

The lemonade stand is our flagship camper–the one that started it all. We serve the best hand-shaken, hand-squeezed, fresh gourmet lemonade you've ever had and we travel all over Michigan for public and private events. 

Cabin Seven Coffee

Cabin Seven coffee

We serve coffee, cold brew and nitro from fresh family roasted beans and we’ve been at it for over 20 years. You can’t beat the flavor of our beans! We also offer hot and iced tea for non-coffee drinkers. 


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The Petite Fleet Family

Our Story

It all started out...


The Petite Fleet was born in 2016 from a flash of ingenuity and a touch of compulsion. Erin was desperately avoiding getting a “real job”. She wanted to be able to continue to stay home with her kids–and not go broke while doing so. Making money with spending time as a family seemed like a pipedream until she had her Aha! Moment while walking around a Michigan street fair on hot summer day.


The vision was simple. Make exceptional, unmatched lemonade that also looked beautiful in a cup. Her husband Larry thought she had lost it, but after a few months of convincing him that lemonade in a tiny camper would actually be amazing–he dove headfirst into TPF land with her. From finding their first camper on Craigslist to spearheading the renovation and retro-fitting, Larry has been instrumental in steering the ship alongside Erin. 


The next camper was found driving down M-50 in the Irish Hills and was such a bargain, they couldn’t pass it up! That one sat for almost a year before the duo turned it into Cabin Seven Coffee. 


To this day, Erin is still the crazy idea lady (Erin Leigh Cookies, anyone?) and Larry is the muscle. She comes up with the bright-and sometimes wild ideas and he makes them happen. 


Their favorites? Erin love, loves the strawberry basil lemonade, and Larry is a big fan of the toasted coconut lemonade. The nitro cold brew is also top on both of their lists. Stop by and see them this summer at a nearby festival and pick your favorite! 


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