Erin Leigh Cookies

A graphic designer by trade, I love art. I love looking at it, studying it and creating it. I always wanted to be an artist, a painter to be exact, and this allows me to do just that in the sweetest way. A few years back, I took a cookie decorating class and I've been obsessed with decorating ever since. I have been watching, learning and baking for years now and just recently turned my passion into Erin Leigh Cookies. 

Based in Monroe, MI I am accepting ordering within an hour of my homebase–for now! I offer cookies in two sizes which you'll find below. I can't wait to create some edible art for you to celebrate life's big and small moments.

Thanks for being here! 

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The Cookie Scoop

I offer fresh and custom made soft-baked sugar cookies with royal icing decorations. The sky is the limit with what you want to put on a cookie! I love custom design. READ: I love an excuse to order new cookie cutters and make your dream a reality! 

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1 dozen large cookies $30

You can chose from I dozen large cookies or 20 mixed size cookies. If you need a different quantity or a custom order, please contact me below! 

20 mixed sized cookies $40

All cookies come individually wrapped and ready for pickup in a box. Ideally they are good for presentation and serving within 3-4 days from pick-up. 

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